Naruto helps web sites and applications integrate with message boards. Message boards are rich in features which can enhance the user experience of many web applications. Naruto helps bridge the divide by defining the interface between message boards and other applications.

Naruto includes an optional REST web service interface to facilitate remotely located services. This interface is fully implemented for both clients and servers.

Naruto currently provided support for PhpBB3 integrations. There will be others on the way.

Naruto is designed with interfaces to make it easier to change or extend the functionality. For example, the difference between an application that works with a message board in the same memory and one that works with one across the country is the name of the class it uses.

A major intent behind Naruto is to help prevent applications from hacking message boards to do what that need. Once hacked, message boards are difficult to upgrade, move or change. The inability to do these things can put the sites and their users under unnecessary security risks and prevent sites from improving their user experiences or scale with their growth.

Special thanks to Source Forge for hosting the Naruto project! Logo